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Fisheries Management Consultancy Services

As a highly experienced fisheries management consultant Bruno provides a wide range of services on the creation, development and management of freshwater fisheries, including:

  • Yellow Flagsthe design and construction of new fishing lakes and coarse fish farms
  • water quality and its restoration
  • improvements to the physical, chemical and biological habitat in still and running-water fisheries
  • the prevention of siltation and the de-silting of fisheries
  • fisheries economics and financial appraisals
  • the control and establishment of aquatic vegetation and bankside trees
  • enhancement of fish spawning success and fish survival
  • the legal aspects of fisheries management, including model rules and regulations covering angling
  • the operation of trout and coarse fish farms
  • fish disease assessment & prevention
  • the restoration of lakes and ponds as landscape features

All work is underpinned by insurance for Public Liability (to £5 million) & Professional Indemnity (£2 million cover)

Funding Applications

Since 1995 he has prepared several technical appraisal reports in support of bids to the Lottery Sports Fund, 14 of which have received approval. He has also been consulted by Sport England over applications for funding for fisheries creation and improvement schemes.

If you would like further information about the fisheries management consultancy services or would like a quote please contact Bruno Broughton.

View of lake
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