Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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'Immuno-Boost' Pellets – a breakthrough in fish welfare


Dead CarpIt is far better to use Immuno-Boost pellets to prevent unnecessary fish health problems rather than to attempt to cure them once they have developed. Nevertheless, and providing the fish are still feeding, the pellets can be employed as a useful aid to combating infections. Obviously, the sooner the treatment, the better the opportunity for the boosted immune systems of fish to combat the infection.


Protection: Spring Feeding

It is strongly suggested that the complete spring feeding programme is undertaken to maintain the maximum protection for the stock against infections that the fish should be capable of combating. Please use the table to calculate the total quantity of pellets required.


Protection: Summer & Early Autumn Months, Winter

Feeding rates for the rest of the summer are based on the June quantities; much smaller quantities are required for the winter period. Again, a week-long course of Immuno-Boost pellets will help provide a month’s protection within a few days of the onset of feeding. This could be programmed ahead of times of anticipated stress, including fish transfers, planned water level reductions or other predicable events.



The calculation chart has been prepared using two different stock densities and adjusted for typical water temperatures. For each month, it is important the entire ration should be fed in the first 7-day period so that the feeding regime comprises one week ‘on’, three weeks ‘off” the pellets.

Small carp, microchip surrounded by rice, small carp, immuno-boost pellets
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